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Hope and redemption at the Bagdad Cafe

This is a movie I should have seen years ago! What a delight! The story of the group of mismatched characters who find happiness, hope and redemption – "magic" – is not just heartwarming. It's a thoroughly believable exploration of the way in which human beings can be the agents of transformation. If you've ever wondered what "entertaining angels unawares" might be like, this will show you. The film is superbly crafted. It avoids Hollywood-type film techniques. The Director's use of time and light is stunning. The film never hurries. The transformation doesn't happen overnight – it evolves, gestates and emerges, and you'd be hard pressed to pinpoint the moment. I thought Jasmin (Marianne Sagebrecht) was an interesting redeemer figure. She was a wounded healer, as much in need as able to give. It's one of those films that makes for good theological reflection – not because its theme is overtly religious, but because its values are the mustard seeds that bring about change. What are your favourite "theological movies"?


20 August, 2005 at 11:08 pm 4 comments

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