bombs and blankets

29 July, 2006 at 7:10 pm 2 comments

Isn’t it ironic? On the one hand, the US is arming the Israelis to bomb the hell out of Lebanon. On the other, they’re flying in huge plane-loads of blankets as part of the relief operation to care for the victims of the bombings! Lebanese civilains are dying because of American ordinance and White House support for Israel’s deadly aggression, and they expect brownie points for being feely-caring about the victims! A further irony: the single most decisive factor in the continuing carnage in Beirut is the American refusal to call for a ceasefire! And on what grounds? As far as I can detremine, sifting through the reports, it boils down to “We’ll let it go on a little while longer until the death toll becomes too high. At the moment, it’s acceptable!” Please will someone tell me there’s some more noble – or even strategic – reason, and that I’ve got this all wrong?

And here’s the thing: we have a born-again President in the White House! Hey George – wake up! It’s the Prince of Peace you allegedly follow, asshole! Isn’t it tragic that Christian faith can be so misplaced? Under this most vehemently Christian President, the American Christian Right provides massive funding to Israel to deprive the indigenous Palestinian Christianpopulation of their homes and livelihoods. And they back Israel turning the West Bank and Gaza Strip into a humanitarian disaster zone, with massive unemployment, poverty, no electricity and intermittent drinking water. In whose name, George? The God of Jesus Christ? No way!

Alarmingly, the Christian population of Palestine has dwindled from 47% to less than 2% during the Intifada. The Christian voice is a moderate voice, and it is being lost. It’s time the Christians stood up and were counted, because one of the powers that we so desperately need liberation from is US foreign policy in the Middle East. It is deadly. Let’s call a spade a spade: this is serious, serious sin. It is blatant oppoition to the kingdom of Peace that Jesus lived and died for. Do what you do, George, but for God’s sake be honest and stop making out that it has anything whatsoever to do with good, truth and the Gospel!


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  • 1. Keith  |  1 August, 2006 at 11:51 am

    Well said, Lawrence! I have an email contact in the USA who lives in the “bible belt”. He has done a blog calling for George Bush NOT to call for a ceasefire, even if it means reducing Lebanon to a parking lot. Whilst they are it he is calling for Iran and Syria to be wiped out!

    I find this is incredible as Christian comment. After my comment on his blog he emailed to say sorry if he offended me! Then he proceded to say that the Old Testament contained a “prophecy” that showed Russia and possibly the Arab States as a threat (Gog and Magog)to Israel.

    I just had to say that Israel did NOT have a God-given right to be there and that I did not go for these OT forecasts of what is to happen there. In addition, I concluded my comment on his blog saying that I understood the US president was a Methodist – What a Methodist!

    What about all the homeless of Lebanon? These are suffering human beings who deserve more than American blankets. How anyone can be so arrogant as to talk of wiping out nations whilst sitting comfortably in Atlanta I do not understand.

    One would think Jesus had never been born!

  • 2. Lawrence  |  1 August, 2006 at 12:42 pm

    Your contact clearly belongs to the Late, Great Planet Earth brigade, Keith. That was an incredibly influential book by Hal Lindsey (a postal delivery person) in the 70s. It’s all part of the Premillennial, pre-tribulation rapture stuff, which, being translated, means Christians get to sit around on the clouds and watch and gloat while God wreaks nuclear havoc on the world God is alleged to love!!! It’s sick stuff! Of course, it’s easy if you believe that God has willed something: then you don’t need to consider the real people (which is precisely what you’re saying). As His Bobness said, ” … No, you don’t count the dead when/God’s on your side!”


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