born to run

18 February, 2006 at 4:46 pm Leave a comment

Talking of music, here's my latest present: the 30th anniversary release of Born to Run. The boxed set consists of the remastered CD and 2 DVDs – the Hammersmith 1975 concert and the making of Born to Run.

It's not just the music – it's the stories. Born to Run has a special assocation for me, because when my cousin died last year (2 years older than I am), they played this at the crem. And of course, this song -and album – has a seminal place in Bruce's career. He made it when he was on the edge of the huge success he's become – it was the album that tipped him over that particular edge.

Listening to him describing his relationship to the song was very moving. He was aware of all the latent talent he had, but not sure of where it would take him. Just knew he was born to run …


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everybody needs a tame .. uniquely jesus …

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